Zakir Khan (8/10)

If you are even a little familiar with the Indian comedy scene, then this is one name you have to have heard. He is the Comedy Khan equivalent to the Bollywood Khans. Zakir Khan rose out of nowhere and rose to the top of the subcontinent’s comedy. He is a writer, presenter and actor as well. He gained popularity at first from Comedy Central’s India’s 3rd Best Standup Comedian competition. Zakir’s comedy touches right at the heart of the insecurities of the majority of the Indian and Pakistani youth and treats them a brilliantly humorous manner. Listening to his stand up performances, even someone not familiar with the Indian culture of stereotyping, gender bias, and discrimination on skin color will be able to understand exactly what is wrong with the society. Without offending a single member from the thousands of audiences, Zakir Khan masterfully emerges as a politico-social commentator with laughter ammunition packed in his jokes. His satirical performances have earned him respect, fame and love in a very short period of time.

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