Zaheer Abbas (4/10)

The all-time loved and respected Pakistani cricketer now makes his entry into this piece. Another middle order player is as renowned for his cricket skills as his bold move to keep his spectacles on in the field. He has the status of a superhero, with the world identifying his as a reincarnation of the Australian cricketer Sir Donald George Bradman. Bradman, aka The Don, had a test batting average of 99.94, the greatest achievement of any sportsman in a major sport. Zaheer’s test batting average was some way half to this at 44.8 but he had achievements of his own to grace the cricket charts forever.  When he started playing, many thought that this future ‘Asian Bradman’ had a faulty technique. In 1971, Zaheer Abbas gave a perfect shut up call to his critics when he thrashed the English bowlers into submission and gave Pakistan a 608 declared score.

Some extra trivia for you: In the early nineties, Zaheer Abbas became the first ever cricketer to score three consecutive centuries in an ODI.

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