Waterfall Ring Toss (9/10)

Even before Nokia 3310’s snake game was in existence, this was the most common time pass. Whether we were sitting in the backseat of our parents’ car off to shopping, or waiting outside principal’s office waiting for our turn, the nineties kids always had one of these for difficult times. Perfect time killer, this was one of the simplest games yet required immense skill and patience. Perhaps waterfall ring toss is also the reason, millenials are so smooth with their thumbs on a smart phone. It was just tlike you are holding your phone now, but there was one target in sight – to toss those small colorful ring on those two spikey things, a shark’s dorsal fin, a dolphin’s tail or anything that fits water and pole-like structure together. And every nineties kid would still sigh at the thought of accidently pushing all tossed rings off the pole because they pressed the pressure button too hard to toss that last one remaining!

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