Water Guns (5/10)

Except perhaps pillow fights, there is nothing as enjoyable as these super soakers. Water guns were the much safer and much more entertaining alternative to paint ball guns of today. The nineties kids who grew up with this weapon of choice would still probably choose this as the first line of defense. From simple fruit shapes like banana and melon to more elaborate forms of little water tanks, these guns could kill boredom on any summer afternoon, and provide a healthy workout at the same time as well. Today’s kids will never understand the pleasure of hiding and shooting water spree on the opposite team, while pretending to be police officers and gangsters in the process. Water guns were the mental sketch for every 90s kid and the perfect form of exercise and fun without any risk of injury involved. Some kids were more mischievous than others, of course, and added water paints in these guns to leave a proper mark that their target had been hit with water. You know who you are, you little devils!

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