VHS Tapes (2/10)

Every 90s kid grew up with Lion King, Hercules, Pocahontas and Mulan. In their 20s now, the nineties kids still find themselves sobbing at the death of Simba and the disappointment faced by the son of Zeus in his endeavors to greatness. There was no Netflix back in the day, internet used to be dial-up and available to far fewer kids than modern times. The primary recourse for electronic entertainment used to be just these VHS tapes. Remember the sound that those VHS boxes made when you opened them, especially for the first time? And oh my god, the rewinding! Sticking fingers inside that pokey hole to rewind the tape, or using a pencil, because we just couldn’t wait for the VCR to rewind them for us! If you are a nineties kid, “Be kind and rewind before returning” was probably the first written communication you indulged in while lending your precious VHS tapes to your friends. All those sleepovers and birthday parties with our friends were simply not complete without one of these movies, and the only way we could watch movies was through these tapes.

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