Vaani Kapoor (10/10)

The rhythm of Befikre caught millions by surprise making its way to ringtones, caller tones, and driving songs. What was equally hot at the time were the rumors that Vanni Kapoor had also gotten a lip and chin surgery. She tried to cover it up by saying that it was the French winters that made her face looked out of shape, but having seen so many actresses come up with so many explanations on their facial changes, no one fell for that. We don’t know what was pulling this celebrity down so much, that she not only got her lips and chin medically altered but also decided to lose a lot of weight at the same time. Her cheekbones became flatter than ever and the new chiseled and elongated chin made her look like someone had cropped her natural chin off the screen. Her lip-job, however, was a saving grace for the actress as the plumper lips did add a lot of energy to her smile.

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