Tusshar Kapoor (4/10)

This lad had it worse than our previous two entries, because he not only has a heartthrob actor as a father, Jitendra, but also a leading director sister, Ekta Kapoor. Falling miserably short on both ends, Tusshar had his break chances multiple times, and he even appeared to be working hard, but still his luck got the best of him. His career seems to have just condensed to the movies that are made by Ekta, with only the exception of Golmaal series – and those too have made it big no thanks to Tusshar, but the whole bunch of other actors in the series. He had an explanation of his own on why he couldn’t make it big. In a candid interview with India Times, he said that his dream was to have a brand of his own for acting. He said that what mattered to him was to be in hit movies and have an association with the audiences, which he believes he achieved. Well then, as long as he’s happy, we are happy for him too.

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