Toy Range Collections (3/10)

If you are a nineties boy, chances are you had a huge collection of Dinky toys, especially those racing cars. And if you are a girl born in the nineties, your room was probably packed with the Barbie collection, the makeup kits and the dozens of dresses you could change your Barbie into and take along. You just had to have one of these at least, to feel that you have enough toys. You know what’s the tragedy with these, however? The Dinky cars have stopped manufacturing, and Barbie has become so politicized that their toy-element is now left far behind. Anyway, since nostalgia is already making us sad, forget about today. Let’s revisit how delightful it used to be when we took our cars to play dates and raced with our friends, or had a girls’ day in and threw a tea party with our Barbie friends. Some of us also had a taste for collecting creepy crawlers; those dangerous and scary looking plastic insects that we used to hide in our friends’ bags or in teachers’ desk drawers and had the laugh of our lives when they screamed in the middle of classes.

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