The range of bread – Chapatti, Baajre ki roti, and Jowar ki roti (6/10)

Almost all types of roti (bread) from Indian cuisine is one form of flatbread or the other, but the tastes differ tremendously, as do the combinations that go with them. As explained previously, saag is especially favored with Makki ki roti. Others have their top pairs too. Chapati for instance is the most common form of bread used with Punjabi foods, closely followed by naan. Roti is whole wheat grain doughed and cooked in a Tandoor or on a tawa – a circular griddle. It is usually thin in structure and often crisp when fully cooked. You can imagine it as a taco shell. Naan on the other hand is made more frequently with white flour and has sesame seeds sprinkled on top of it – called roghni naan. Chappati is taken with drier foods like mixed vegetable or daal – lentils, curry based while naan is more preferred with curry and soup based dishes in which it can be soaked. Then there is Baajre ki roti made from pearl millet. These also make good combinations with curry based dishes and require a pinch of salt and ghee or oil along with the flour. The best part about this roti is that it is gluten free. Finally, Jowar ki roti is made from Finger millet and requires salt and a few drops of oil. It goes well with spicy curry dishes and is also low on calories so good for those watching weight or keeping their heart healthy.

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