The Lahore Canal (3/10)

You might have heard “Maal-o-Maal” in several Lahore songs, but have you come across the phrase “Nehr-o-Nehr”. These two are signatures of the lingua franca of anyone who has had the fortune of living in this crown of the subcontinent city. The Canal, Nehr, of Lahore passes right through the middle of Lahore dividing the city into two parts. Even though the air and water pollution have considerably marred the beauty of the historical treasure, there is still a lot to see in this canal. Especially during festive seasons, the water stream is covered with handmade glims and lamps. When there used to be a proper Basant festival in Punjab, both sides of the canal had huge and colorful kites displayed on them. The trees on the banks of the canal also have such aesthetically pleasing lights wrapped around them as if the stars from the sky have actually come down to look at the canal and the denizens passing by. If you want to see Lahore’s canal in its full glory, visit the canal road at night near Eid, New Years, or any national festival.

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