The cuddle controversy (2/10)

It just won’t stop! The media has fallen so much in love with the love birds that the wedding mania simply doesn’t seem to end. We all remember the huge controversy that followed her cover picture on Maxim India magazine. An equal number of people went crazy pretty recently when a picture of Priyanka napping on Nick’s shoulder was released. The woman IS flawless people, just accept it! No drooling, no open mouth, not a single hair out of place in the picture; the social media quickly expressed their disbelief on the photograph being candid. However, it later transpired that she indeed had fallen asleep and a friend had quickly snapped the picture. The inside joke was that she fell asleep during the Super Bowl, which is a big deal in America and literally no one sleeps during the Super Bowl. But when it was posted online, the haters quickly turned to criticism. Well, the queen successfully ended this controversy too, and we are all back to loving her forever!

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