Tanisha Mukherjee (6/10)

Tanisha had so many role models for acting in her family. She is the daughter of beloved actress Tanuja, sister of the film industry’s all-time favorite Kajol, and second cousin to the Bollywood queen Rani Mukherjee, and yet she failed to make any name for herself. She entered the cinema with a bold note, prepared to take any role that she was offered, but having everything except acting still meant no success for the this young actress. Trying to keep her screen presence alive, she entered the Big Boss reality show, but even that did not seem to earn her any brownie points. It is perhaps not difficult to see why she failed in her career. She seemed too eager too early to match the success of her family members and she tried to do so by taking blunt roles with a lot of skin and not so much character growth on screen. Her movie choices have also been doubtful, especially considering the choice of her co-stars for the first few movies. Let’s be honest, no matter how great your acting is, unless you don’t have an equal partner to play on screen, it will fail.

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