Tanisha Mukherjee and Kajol (4/10)

Well these two sisters cannot be more different. Kajol is known for her Bollywood success as well as her eternal grace in her appearance and mannerisms. Tanisha on the other hand failed pretty quickly on the box office and failed to prove that she has either acting or styling skills. Apparently showing skin was the only art she could understand to join the film industry and that even failed to put her hold on the Bollywood fans. In fact she has made more news by going topless in one of the photos she posted than any of her movies. She has also been part of reality shows like ‘Big Boss 7’ and ‘Fear Factor-Khatro Ke Khiladi’ but even failed to put up her mark through them. Even in terms of looks she does not share that melting smile or heartbreaking puppy eyes of Kajol, and only seems to have the same lush hair. The best achievement she has to date is her status as a social media fashion icon dressing up in designer outfits.

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