Sohail Ahmed (3/10)

Sohail Ahmed is one of the most popular comedians of Pakistan, and is also known as Azizi, based on his signature recurring appearance on Hasb-e-Haal. He started his career from stage and theater, and his father – a police officer, was extremely critical of his choice of career. He has incredible talent for mimicry and voicing characters from politics, media industry as well as personalities from other nationalities. At first Sohail Ahmed made name for introducing improvised comedy during live theater performances, and to this date it is his spontaneity and ability to surprise his audiences with just the wittiest comment at just the right time. During his theater performances he embodies characters, but for his show Hasb-e-Haal, he prefers socio-political commentary. He has also written and recited a poem ‘Mera Sohna Pakistan’ denoting the social and political evils prevalent in Pakistan, and that has gained a following of its own.

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