Slap Bracelets (8/10)

Little girls love jewelry, and young boys just have to look cool, no matter what. There was nothing that said delicate jewelry and cool wrist band at the same time as this strange invention of the slap bracelets. Nineties kids would remember, it hurt like crazy!!! But we still just had to have it. Multi-patterned, colorful, all in the same size, fitting everyone’s wrist perfectly, these slap bracelets were perhaps also the first thing we did to define our group of friends. During lunch hours, your entire group just had to be wearing the same designed bracelet to be allowed in the lunch group, and every group had its own gang-slap-bracelet. Considering that many schools did not allow any such thing with the uniform, it was quite a thrill to hide the scale in your pencil box, until lunch time when you took it out, slapped on your wrist, and bam! You’re the cool gang member. Some children were of course more creative who weaved signature bands, but the thrill of getting one of these was still matchless.

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