Shoaib Akhtar (10/10)

Let’s end this article on our very own “Rawalpindi Express”. Shoaib Akhtar is to bowlers what Bugatti Super Sport is to race cars. Having his distinct record of running all the way from the boundary to bowl at an average speed of 100 miles per hour, Shoaib’s appearance with the ball alone was enough to terrorize the batsmen facing him. At his best, he was an absolute delight to watch, the rising roar of the crowd was still slower than him reaching the pitch from the boundary. He has had his fair share of the setbacks as well, with everything on his charts from performance enhancing drugs to rifts with teammates, and ball tampering, and also being banned for these. But his neither his resilience nor his fan following deterred in face of these challenges. He even played matches on painkillers after being injured but never stopped. We started with Miandad’s legendary sixer against India, and we will end on Akhtar’s legendary bowling against India during 2003 World Cup. The Indian Master Sachin was in his element performing heartwarming cover-drives and upper cuts, when this speedster cut him short at 98 score with a ripper of a bouncer. Here have a look at the heart stopping moment once again along with a few other battles of the duo!

Some extra trivia for you: During the 2003 World Cup, in a pool match against he was officially recorded delivering bowling at the speed of 161.3 km/h.

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