Shah Rukh Khan – ever the sassy heartthrob (2/10)

Shah Rukh Khan is perhaps the most media adored personality in Bollywood since the nineties. He has had many quarrels with the media over time, but nothing has been able to dampen his appeal from his fans and even media persons themselves. This is so, perhaps, because he almost always have something sarcastic to say instead of directly insulting those who have offended him.

While promoting Happy New Year, along with Farah Khan, Abishek Bachchan and Deepika Padukone, encountered a reporter who started his question by saying that Shah Rukh was the oldest among all on the stage. Farah corrected the reporter, but he continued nevertheless. King Khan did not appreciate this and then he answered all questions from that chap with a noticeably sour tone. The questions continued to become lamer and lamer, and when the same person asked Farah why movie stars go abroad every year on New Year’s Eve, Shah Rukh responded with his signature witty style and said, “Whatever you’ve smoked before coming here, give some of that to us too after this event.” Our beloved Badshah did not shout yet his words were enough to zip up the reporter, and win our hearts all over again.

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