Scented, Patterned Stationary (1/10)

We still remember the strawberry pink, melon green, lemon yellow, and cherry red markers, do you remember them too? One of the most prized possession of every 90s kid, these markers brought out our inner artist who drew and painted better than Picasso. We decorated our home work, made birthday cards for our friends and farewell cards for our teachers. We had those Dear Diaries to get memory notes from our classmates when we graduated a class, and every friend was supposed to choose a different color. How many hours have we spent finding just the right red heart, or purple berry, or orange basketball patterned marker to add to our drawings. The one kid who always had these markers and stamps was the coolest kid in the class. Then there were milky pens and those gifts from heaven – the glitter pens. To be honest, many of the nineties kids still haven’t gotten over the stationary obsession and the euphoria of having a collection even if we rarely ever use them.

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