Salman Khan – when questioned about Sohail Khan (5/10)

You were probably wondering up till now why hasn’t this film star showed up in this list. After all, Salman Khan has made a name for himself for being the bad boy of the industry. He has provoked several of his co-stars over the course of his career and has innumerable times to his record when he shouted, fought – if Vivek Oberoi is to be believed, then threatened – his fellow actors. So although we couldn’t keep him out of this hot list, we have chosen a time when he was right in lashing out at the media.

On the eve of Iifa Awards, speaking to the media outside the main function, Salman Khan took the stage to answer questions. A while before this, his brother Sohail Khan had made news for clashing with the media while he was with his father. So when Salman was asked whether he thought Sohail had misbehaved, he responded with a straight “No!” Then he continued to narrate his own experience when he was coming out of the airport and reporters pushed their microphones into his friend’s face. “She pushed the mic, and the reporter asked ‘what’s wrong with you idiot?’ Salman then said, “My father is 80, what if he falls? So if my brother is responding to you, he is concerned for my father, he is not insulting you.” Then he also schooled the reporters on how it can be dangerous for older people to push them. He said that you people are competing against each other and for stupid questions you push them. “It was 12 o’clock at night, they were out for dinner and you ambushed them to ask whether I am getting married or not. And still they stood there nicely.” Our much-loved Prem was absolutely right in this, and considering the number of times multiple movie stars have asked photographers and tabloid people to behave, it is only rational that reporters should maintain their distance and decency while asking questions to these world famous movie stars.

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