Sachin Tendulkar (3/10)

We are all aware of the suspected curse that this batsmen carried all batting career with him – if ‘Tendulkar scores a century, India loses’.  Although this is something cricket fans like to indulge in and enjoy, the fact behind this theory can also be seen in a different light. That is, no matter how the team played, or how strong the opponents were, Sachin Tendulkar almost always emerged as the man with the target of a 100 on the scoreboard. He has played 329 innings in 200 test matches and has put up a gigantic score of 15,921 runs. In ODIs he has made 18,426 runs in 463 matches. Suffice it is to say that his Cricbuzz profile begins like this “Sachiiiiiiin, Sachin! You’ve heard the chant. You may not have heard of the sport, but you’ve heard the chant.”

Some extra trivia for you: Sachin Tendulkar has the most total centuries scored (100) among all international cricketers.

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