Riya Sen (10/10)

Third actress in the generation and still a terrible actress at that, Riya Sen is the daughter of Moon Moon Sen and granddaughter of the popular Bengali Actress Suchitra Sen. Riya’s sister Raima Sen has still posted a better film record than her, while Riya could only become known for the looks she had inherited. Her movie choices are also somewhat substandard because instead of experimenting with a wider range of parts, she stuck herself to the movies that were plain about a pretty girl in the lead. Also, her scandal with Ashmit Patel did not help her career either. With Bollywood increasily becoming competitive and directors and producers pulling as much weight as the actors, it is important for actors and actresses to make sure that their films will not come under undue fire. But after all is said and done, who knows, she still could have made a better career in a character role.

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