Railway Station (5/10)

Straight out of a history book, this railway station has been standing upright for more than 150 years. Although some of the tracks have been replaced for continued usage and safety of the trains, the signs of the century old construction are still vividly apparent. If you have enough time on your hands, you can roam around the station and look for small red bricks in some parts of the construction, not covered with cement or preserved with pillars around them. If you are lucky, you might also find a coolie (the laborer who carries luggage of passengers), who can tell you stories of decades ago. This station became one of the earliest means of transportation and cargo that led to the development and prosperity of the region. It was also this same Railway station that was swarmed with hundreds of thousands of people when India and Pakistan were divided. When you walk along the platforms, look up to see the arched structures, with same small red bricks, still standing uptight, proclaiming the pride it once held among the elites of the nation.

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