Rabri (9/10)

Now let’s move to the sweet tooth pallet of Punjabi food. Making its entry into almost all movies with Punjabi characters, Rabri is as Punjabi as the province itself. It is made from condensed milk and takes forever to prepare, but once it is ready all amount of effort that goes into it is justified. To prepare rabri, fresh milk is boiled on low heat for a long time until it starts to become dense and changes color from white to pinkish. Then sugar, crushed nuts like pistachio and cashew nuts, are added to enhance flavor and then it is further cooked until it becomes grainy with the texture of egg pudding. Cardamom and few more nuts are sprinkled on top of it while serving. It is a dish of festivities and dinner parties in Punjab, and it is served cold, like ice cream. Although it can be prepared at home in small amounts too but care needs to be taken so it doesn’t burn and also not stirred too frequently because a layer of cream needs to rise on top of it for it to taste its best.

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