Priyanka Chopra – little patience for silly questions (6/10)

Piggy Chops has made a name for herself all over the world.  But even after she has made her entry into Hollywood, Indian film industry continues to be obsessed with her. And if that was not enough, her wedding with the American Singer Nick Jonas really put her on the radar of almost every entertainment news organization all over India. To some people, however, this has not been pleasant, and that includes some tabloids who now wish to take her interviews and comments but of course she’s too busy. You might also remember how her photo on the cover of New York City based Maxim magazine sparked controversy all over internet. After that all happened, when she came back to India, and appeared in a press meet, one person decided to express his anger on her behaving like a superstar. He asked her lame questions like why is she late to events, or why is she still big on Indian media, and how she responded to Maxim controversy. Priyanka visibly got annoyed but she handled the questions really smoothly. “I should come back more often just for you,” the superstar said to the reporter. She was also very cool about his other questions for a while before shutting him up with “Are you the only one who’s going to ask all questions?” Here is the YouTube link for this media skirmish.

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