Portable Video Games (7/10)

The childhood version of being a billionaire – owning a game boy, a Nintendo 64, and then the Play Station! You had any of these, you had it all. The nineties kids reading this article, how many of you remember to have been thrown out of classes because you were playing with these gadgets instead of focusing on class work? More often it was not the fact that you were playing, but that the teacher heard the signature music noise. Every single nineties kid who ever held one of these in his or her hands remembers the annoying squeaky music that it made. But back then it meant that you had won the level, so it was the most beautiful tune one could ever imagine. There was one play station at home for all siblings, unlike individual iPads today, so siblings had to decide on the turns and the time each one would have with the console. The multi-player option had been the source of several severe fights and also patch-ups among the kids born in the 90s.

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