Nazroo Narejo (Status: Deceased) (6/9)

Carrying Rs 20 million bounty on his head Nazar Ali Narejo was a feared dacoit from Sindh. For more than two decades he ruled with fear and by the time of his death had charges of more than 200 cases of plundering, kidnapping, murder, and highway robbery. He was well educated and had studied sociology from University of Sindh, Jamshoro.

According to a story done by Herald on March 17, 2015 said that Nazar’s father Rab Rakhio Narejo alias Rabbu “had allegedly killed Naseem Ahmed Kharal, a Sindhi short story writer, in 1978 following a land dispute. He was arrested but when released on bail he absconded and became a criminal.” Rabbu committed dacoities in the cities and then retreated to the forests, while Nazar often accompanied him which soon turned him into a dacoit as well. In the mid-1980s, Rabbu was killed in a police encounter. Nazroo Narejo also found the same fate in July 2015 when he finally fell to the bullets of police during a police encounter near Garhi Yasin area.

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