Munna Bhai MBBS & Patch Adams (5/10)

This is one of those few films that deserve to be dearly beloved even if they are a rip-off. First of all, the directors of this 2003 Indian blockbuster hit had just the right idea of how much to change for an adaptation. The Hollywood version is a classier and more humanitarian oriented, while Munna Bhai just ended up helping people because he was nice like that, and not because his intention was to help people. Furthermore, Robin Williams finds his way into humor being a source of treatment. Munna Bhai never intentionally uses humor on patients. He is just sarcastic and that works perfectly. The love story in the Indian version is also almost completely original. Therefore, while you can find clear inspiration in Munna Bhai MBBS from Patch Adams, it still manages to add just enough originality to remain a work of passion and skill.

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