Mubarak Haveli (6/10)

Haveli is the traditional local acronym for a large house, and this house is much larger in its history than it is in its appearance. Like Chauburji, Mubarak Begum Haveli is also one of the constructions carrying the splendor of Mughal architecture in it. Located inside another historical place of Lahore, Bhaati gate, Mubarak Haveli has now become a place of religious reverence for the Shia sect of Muslims, and is now known as an Imam Bargah. It was constructed in 1863, and then restored in 1972 because decades of wear and tear had made the building fragile, but the title of the haveli was left original.  It was built by Mir Bahadur Ali Mir Nadir Ali, and Mir Bahar Ali. When Bahadur Ali was blessed with a son, whom he named Mubarak, he named this building after him.

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