More exceptionable Fashion (1/10)

While we are at the topic of Priyanka’s wedding wardrobe, the red wedding gown was not the only unique addition to the fashion touches she chose. Almost the entire wedding wardrobe of Baywatch’s star had a very pronounced presence of traditional Indian clothing, Indian embroidery, and even exclusively Indian fabrics. To be honest, we couldn’t even find a single celebrity who had worn a Jamawar gown. There might have never be a gown made from Jamawar, like ever! Donning a chiffon duppatta on top of it, and red sindhoor in her mid-parting of hair, she totally slayed in the unique blend of Indian and Western fashion. It won’t be of any surprise to us, if every other woman in India now starts to make gowns of their Jamawars.

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The Red Wedding Gown

The signature natural makeup with red stain