Moin Akhtar (4/10)

The world has yet to see a better comedian than the legendary actor, host, impersonator, and stage artist. Moin Akhtar also had the titles of writer, singer, director, producer, and humorist. He popularized his own brand of humor that involved decency, humor, and comedy all at the same time, and never once had he used offensive language or needed to stoop low to make his listeners laugh. The trio of Moin Akhtar, Anwar Maqsood, and Bushra Ansari had a brand of its own and has transcended the generational boundaries for its fan following. In his career spanning four and a half decades, he has performed all over the globe with artists from India, Bangladesh and many other countries. A young, skinny, teenaged Moin Akhtar began his comedy career in 1966 with a stage performance held for PTV amidst constant heckling and insults from the audiences. He requests ten minutes be given to him to showcase his talent with the promise that if he is unable to entertain the audiences he will leave. That performance lasted 45 minutes. The talent, the confidence, the grace, and above all the content that Moin Aktar brought has, and continues to, remain matchless. It has been eight years since he has passed away, but his shows, humor, and legacy lives on.

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