Mann Mayal (1/14)

You might be surprised to see this entry into the list of overrated shows, but have faith. We have good reasons for this. Have you ever scored great on an exam where you answered the first few questions spectacularly but completely lost it for the last few questions? Well there you go. That’s how Mann Mayal performed in the exam of drama series quality. After the phenomenal success of protagonist’s Pyare Afzal and director’s Diyar-e-Dil, everyone familiar with Pakistan’s drama industry had high hopes from Hamza Ali Abbasi and Haseeb Hassan coming together. And for a while they paid off!

 For the first few weeks the drama story line made sense, the actors were absolutely loveable and the story grew realistically with the perfect amount of fiction needed for a TV show. However, once Salahuddin moved to Karachi, the story line became commonplace. It was all tragedy and everyone was super nice, pious after that. Bad people had bad things happen to them, and so did the good ones. The connection between different events was also lost in the later episodes and the chronological order of actors’ appearance also got jumbled. The high rating was nothing but overrated hype. Finally, do I even need to say more on Jeena?

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