Mahendra Singh Dhoni (5/10)

No one can resist being charmed by this incredibly calm and composed player, who is just the exact amount of aggressive and destructive when he has a bat in his hands. With a score card of 10,415 runs in 286 ODIs and a batting average of 38.09 in test cricket, MS Dhoni is as renowned for his batting as he is for his wicket keeping. The most memorable performance from Dhoni came on the night of 2nd April, 2011 when his spectacular shot let Indian team to win the World Cup after 28 years. Dhoni’s career is soaked in extraordinary merit, perseverance, and incredible nobility on the ground as much in face of success as in the face of defeat.

Some extra trivia for you: MS Dhoni had to join the Railways Ranji team and work as a ticket collector because his home town wasn’t big enough for the national team to consider for tryouts.

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