Long-billed Vulture (Scientific name: Gyps indicus) (4/10)

Also called as Indian Vulture, this bird is locally known as Giddh. If you are familiar with Pakistani Urdu literature, you might have come across many evil, conniving and preying characters might be compared with this innocent poor endangered species. The only unpleasant part about this bird is that it preys almost entirely on dead animals. What many people forget while expressing despise for this creature is that Vultures are crucial for the survival of a natural ecosystem. Since they prey on dead animals, they save the environment in innumerable ways that humans cannot possibly hope to imitate. After an alarming decline in their population in the nineties, good news came in 2012 that their numbers are stabilizing. But as of 2017 there are still much less Long-billed vultures left in Pakistan than ecologically sufficient, and the risk of them becoming endangered is still not over.

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