Lassi (7/10)

As promised, here is the revered local drink. Made from beaten curd and milk, Lassi is one of the healthiest edibles of the region, and perfectly suited for the scorching hot weather experienced in most of Punjab. Lassi is drunk both sweet and salted. Although the more preferred type is sweet. It is frequently taken with breakfast, but can be drunk at any time of day. It is always served chilled and is the perfect anti-dote to both heat and tiredness. No joke, when we say, that Lassi can make you sleepy, it is really that good. So avoid it during peak working hours. Requiring two simple ingredients, curd milk and full fat milk, Lassi can be made anywhere anytime. If you prefer it sweet add a spoonful of sugar, or if you prefer it salty add a dash of salt. In olden days it used to be made with a tool called madani in local language which is used to blend the ingredients together. However, nowadays a blender works just as fine. Sometimes a mud pot was used to blend lassi, which also gave it a name of Matka lassi. To make it more formal, a dessert called perda is also added and blended to the mix, while to make it lighter a little bit of water is also used. This is one of the most flexible of drinks that retain all its benefits as you adjust it to your taste preferences, sweet, salty, heavy or light.

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