Javed Miandad (1/10)

We are obviously going to start with the greatest event in the history of Pakistan’s cricket. Javed Miandad’s sixer! A brief intro first: The sportsman known for his unconventional batting as well as captaincy made his name a shining star with excellent batting and bowling skills. In local language he was called “machine who makes runs”, and quickly became synonymous with the legend that is associated to cricket in this part of the world. Everyone who is even remotely familiar to the Pakistan’s cricket history knows about the everlasting performance that Miandad gave in 1986. Let’s take you down that lane one more time.

The world knows of the cut-throat emotionally-charged stop-at-nothing rivalry between India and Pakistan. It was the final ball of the Asia-Cup final in Sharjah. Pakistan had scored 242 runs, with 9 wickets out. India had given the target of 246. One ball. One wicket. 4 runs needed. The nation watched spellbound as the Indian bowler Chetan Sharma ran to bowl the last ball which was effortlessly swung to the skies by Javed Miandad to hit the final six of the tournament and with it landing Pakistan one of its most memorable wins for all times to come.

If you still haven’t watched it, here is the link! You’re welcome. 

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