Jaljeera (8/10)

While we are at the topic of drinks, here is another one loved by Punjabis. Like Lassi, this is also an energizing and invigorating drink drunk any time of the day you want. You may take it as a local non alcoholic version of mint margarita. Tailor made for hot summer afternoons, Jaljeera is bound to make your insides as happy as your skin and eyes. The list of ingredients for this drink, however, is a little longer and a blender is required here as well. To make this Punjabi treat, you will require mint leaves, lemon juice, cumin seeds, coriander, ginger, black salt, salt, sugar, water, ice cubes, and if you incline towards a tingle of sourness then a bit of seedless tamarind. Make as large a serving as you like and drink it without any worry about your stomach feeling heavy. Enriched with the nutrients and packed with flavor down to every single drop, Jaljeera will make you take a trip to the land that came up with the recipe.

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