Indus River Dolphin (Scientific name: Platanista gangetica) (6/10)

Dolphins are like water puppies or water kittens. They play with balls, do tricks, shake their tails, and actually play with babies. How heartless then humans have to be to push such an adorable creature to the point where they might stop existing altogether. Found in four rivers of India and Pakistan, Sutlej, Jhelum, Chenab and Ravi, there are estimates that only approximately a thousand of these delightful creatures are left. This is so despite the governments of both Pakistan and India recognizing the Indus River dolphin as their National Aquatic animal. They live in fresh water which means that the water development projects, dams, and barrages are a direct threat to their lives. They are also hunted by fishermen for food, and also for extracting oils that sell at exuberant prices in health and beauty shops.

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