Imran Khan (6/10)

Long gone are the days when Imran Khan was just the internationally renowned cricketer for Pakistan. Now he is leading the country he played for, with the record of leading the Pakistani cricket team to its first World Cup victory cemented in his CV. For Indians, it might be disconcerting since they are used to adoring Pakistani cricket players and detesting Pakistani politicians. Anyways, after all is said and done, Imran Khan remains one of the best cricket players ever produced by the subcontinent. Imran made his international debut for Pakistan while he was still a teenager. Soon after he joined the national team as a regular player, he was declared the third fastest bowler in the world, leaving behind even the likes of Andy Roberts. At the pinnacle of his career, he assembled 62 wickets in mere 9 matches – the lowest ever in a calendar year. He is also credited with finding another exemplary cricketer for the national team when no one else could bother to give him a chance. He’s next on the list.

Some extra trivia for you: Imran Khan retired from cricket only to become even more world renowned, first with Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital & Research Centre named after his mother, and then with his political career which to date has culminated into him becoming the Prime Minister of Pakistan.

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