Harman Baweja (9/10)

Do you remember seeing the trailer for Love Story 2050 and wondering to yourself how on earth Hrithik Roshan became so young again? Well that was not Hrithik but the son of art director Harry Baweja and producer Pammi Baweja. Perhaps he should have stuck to direction or production as well if he wanted to be part of Bollywood, because his two more movies What’s your Raashee? and Victory were as massive flops as his debut. We haven’t heard of him since and can only hope he has dropped his Hrithik-like cloak and is planning to re-enter the cinema in a different capacity. It is disappointing that he realized that his comparison with Hrithik will be harmful for him. Harman said on record multiple times that he is being constantly compared to the Krrish star, but he still chose to smile, dance and chuckle in the exact same manner as him. The point being that even if he was originally as Hrithik, he could have created an online persona that was individualistic. Isn’t that what acting is all about?

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