Ghaffar Zikri (Status: Deceased) (3/9)

While we are at the topic of Karachi’s gang war, another name is as notable as Rehman Dakait – Ghaffar Zikri. He was one of the last remaining chapters in the Lyari’s drug dons era. Civil unrest, extortion, drug dealing, peddling, you name it and Zikri had it on his resume. In the early nineties, when Haji Lalu named criminal rose to prominence, a young lad named Rehman joined his gang (who later became to be known as Rehman Dakait). When Rehman Dakait had learnt all he needed from Lalu, he parted ways with him and made his own gang with Baba Ladla and made a new entrant into his gang – Ghaffar Zikri. Under him, Lyari went through a new wave of brutality and he became to be the most feared gangster in the area. The government had announced a reward of Rs 2,500,000 for Zikri. He was gunned down by the police on 4th October 2018.

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