Food Street Fort Road (2/10)

Talking about Lahore will not be complete without mention of the food markets. Although many modern places have become little heavens for foodies, with the Defence and the Gulberg areas being the most popular for cafeterias and fast food, the delicacies of Punjab’s cuisine still rests with the oldesr food market of the city. In fact, a couple of restaurants including Haveli, Cooco’s Den, and Andaaz, have much more for you in addition to treating your taste buds. Since they are located close to the Red Light area of the city, which is perhaps older than the city itself, these restaurants also provide you a glimpse of this side of the history of Lahore as well. With expensive and stunning carpets on the floor, to mirror covered walls, and bolsters placed all across the rooms, you might as well take a trip right back to the courts of the Kings and Maharajas of Lahore who winded and dined in similar settings.

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