Faisal Khan and Aamir Khan (5/10)

This is one of the classic cases when two siblings despite putting in the similar efforts into same work have drastically different results. Faisal Khan is renowned to be humble and hardworking for his work, and supportive as much to his brother as he is to his costars. However, his success has not followed his personality. Aamir Khan has climbed to the heights of stardom and has made an unbeatable reputation for giving a super hit per year, but Faisal is still struggling through his career. The two brothers acted together in the 2000 film Mela, but that turned out to be massive failure for both of them. Since then Aamir has gone his separate ways in acting, although Faisal has worked as an assistant director for a few of Aamir’s films. There is not much guess from their looks either, if you know they are brothers you might see the looks but if not then from posture to manner of speaking to dressing style is completely different for this siblings’ duo.

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