Double Shah (Status: Deceased) (8/9)

This one is a con artist. Sibtul Hasan Shah, more popularly known as Doble Shah, did not kill anyone but he did rob hundreds of people of their money, mostly poor ones. He created and managed a Ponzi scheme whereby he asked his neighbors and colleagues to lend him their savings which he would return them doubled in fifteen days. The first person to believe his promise was his next-door neighbor, followed by a few others who actually did get their money doubled within a fortnight. Eventually Shah increased the payback time from fifteen days to seventy days, with the same promise of returning twice the amount given to him.

In 2007 he was arrested after a notable newspaper exposed his scheme on the front page. He was arrested on the charges of Rs 30,000 robbery, and was later given into the custody of NAB (National Accountability Bureau). After investigations, it came to light that during his eighteen months long con he had stolen over Rs 110 million. He was sentenced to fourteen years rigorous imprisonment in 2014 but was later released on a plea bargain. The details of his death are unknown, but news reports that he died on 30th October, 2015. In January 2018, NAB detected another person following the same Ponzi scheme as Double Shah in Lahore. The details of this case are also not available.

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