Deepika Padukone – on her photograph controversy (4/10)

Our beloved Deepu is not only gorgeous outside, but she is also super strong inside. Her love life, career growth, and then super famous marriage with handsome hunk Ranveer Singh has made Deepika face media multiple times, and she has done an amazing job at answering all questions as smoothly and calmly as possible. We all remember how she responded when Karan Johar asked her about her tattoo post her break-up with Ranbir Kapoor. However, the most famous clash that the actress had was after her low-cleavage photo was published by Times of India on Twitter, with the tag-line ‘OMG: Deepika Padukone’s cleavage show!’ Our girl struck back with full force and tweeted in response, “Supposedly India’s ‘LEADING’ newspaper and this is ‘NEWS’!!??”, and “Don’t talk about Woman’s Empowerment when YOU don’t know how to RESPECT Women!” among others. Things did not end here. Another journalist decided to quiz her later and posed her question with words like “reacting on a petty thing.”  DP still managed to maintain her cool, but she was clear this time that she is not going to take any publication or reporter disrespecting her. She lashed out at the reporter and addressed the cameras “Can you pan the camera on this lady please? I am already very upset and you are making me more upset”. Arjun Singh, standing beside her, extended his full support to Deepu and told the reporter to shut it.

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