Chotu (Status: Arrested) (4/9)

Ghulam Rasool alias Chotu was the head of infamous Chotu gang that was involved in murder, kidnapping and several other criminal activities, operating out of Kacha area of Rajanpur. Chotu gang was especially known for kidnapping people for ransom from Karachi, Baluchistan and Rahim Yar Khan. Police forces clashed with the gang multiple times, often in armed conflicts. In 2013 Punjab police held an operation where the gang used weapons procured from Afghanistan including an anti-aircraft gun.

In April 2016, Pakistan Army launched Operation Zarb-e-Aahan against Chotu gang. After a battle that lasted 20 days, eventually the gang surrendered along with its leader. It was reported in the news next day that according to the sources Ghulam Rasool was moved to unidentified location via helicopter.

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