Bushra Ansari (10/10)

One of the finest actresses in the history of Pakistan’s television industry, Bushra Ansari is perhaps the first woman in the Pakistani media industry who entered the field of comedy. Like the first entry in our list, Bushra Ansari was also an excellent mimicry artist and singer. She could perform an entire play with a whole range of characters all by herself. She could do sounds, and even mimic the singing of artists as distinguished as Noor Jehan. She has been the recipient of numerous awards in her illustrious career, including the Presidential Pride of Performance Award Award. Her humor has always been clean, decent, and feminine to each syllable. She is still part of the Pakistan’s media industry, but her olden skits and theatrical performances continue to entertain audiences. One of her signature styles was political commentary even during the times of stringent censorship. Bushra Ansari continues to rule the hearts of millions, old and young alike.

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