Balaa (9/14)

Imagine Ushna Shah and Bilal Abbas being together in a drama and it still turning out to be a disaster. Well, you can’t be blamed for high hoped if you had seen Bashar Momin before. But the primary reason for the utter disappointment from Balaa was that there was simply too much negativity. The leading lady was depicted as selfish, mean, and conniving and yet her disability was somehow supposed to make her actions appear justified. Everyone who came in her way was obliterated, some even literally. Furthermore, the character development was almost non-existent except Nigar, where the development was also towards more and more evil.

The storyline was also weak, with the most commonplace of tactics used by Nigar – catching a girl talking to a guy, bringing a husband home when there is another man planted in the room of his wife etc. etc. This kind of writing should have been left in the nineties, let alone making it one of the highlights for a 2018 drama serial.

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