Baba Ladla (Status: Deceased) (2/9)

This one character from the Pakistani criminals’ history has had a dramatic news history as well. He has been reported dead multiple times, so when he was eventually actually killed, it took public some time to believe the news. The last false report had come from Iran in 2015, where some TV channels had even showed footage of a body claiming it to be Baba Ladla. Baba Ladla was born Noor Muhammad to a laborer father. In the 1980s Haji Lalu named gangster started getting renowned in Layari. He and Rehman Dakait formed a gang and recruited young men, among whom one was Noor Muhammad. Eventually be became Rehman Dakait’s right-hand man.

In February 2017, Rangers issued a water tight statement that said, “The killing of Baba Ladla group [members] is a lesson for all those youngsters, who inspired by leaders like Baba Ladla are backing or linked to crimes, that they cannot escape the grasp of law.”

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