Baaghi (3/14)

Promoted as the late model Qandeel Baloch’s biopic, this drama series became hyped up from the moment Saba Qamar posted her pictures that mimicked Qandeel’s actual pictures. The anticipation of and hopes from his serial were too high, and it was expected to be an explainer of the model’s actual life. If you remember, the pre-modeling career pictures of Qandeel had also been recently leaked and then her unfortunate death had already ballooned into a national controversy. Add to that Saba Qamar’s overarching popularity, and Baaghi found itself in a pre-advertised market, but sadly it failed to live up to viewers expectations.

The drama line was meant to be a biopic without justifying or rationalizing Qandeel’s choices. However, what it turned out to be was not only glorification but her character was painted in a way that she could do no wrong. The story line was too opinionated and too ‘filmy,’ which made Baaghi fall neither as a biography not a drama. Saba Qamar’s acting was perhaps the only face saving part of this drama, but apart from that it was too repetitive. Although the pre-hype had already guaranteed the TRPs for this show, Baaghi was nothing but overrated.

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