Anil Kumble (9/10)

One of the best spinners to have walked this earth, Anil Kumble in fact did not even need to spin the ball much. He did not have to come up with a sleight of hand like Muralitharan or run at a hundred kilometers like Shoab Akhtar, yet he left both of these behind along with dozens others to become, and remain, the third highest wicket taker of all times. While most of the other entries in this list are those with naturally blessed talents and a lot of confidence, this particular sportsman made his place in cricket and fans’ hearts with his hard work. He did not have a miraculous entry into cricket like Wasim Akram, and neither did he have a seductive persona to pull the crowds like MS Dhoni. And despite all this, he landed the enormous record of 619 test wickets. His moment of glory came later than many of his teammates and age fellows, but when it did come there was no turning back. In 1992, The Irani trophy season-opener match he led his team to victory singlehandedly with a score of 13/138. When he battled against South Africa, with the least favorable weather and pitch conditions, Kumble managed to pick up 18 wickets in just four tests. Battling against the arch-rival Pakistan in 1999, Anil Kumble solidified his position once and for all when we ran through the entire Pakistani line-up and earned sensational 10/74 figure. It is notable here that before his entry onto the pitch, Pakistani team was 101/0 at a stage.

Some extra trivia for you: The Indian city of Bangalore honored the all-time beloved bowler by renaming the ‘Oriental Circle’ after his name.

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